Approaching every assignment by a fixed structure but still leaving space for creativity and new ways of thinking, contributes not only to satisfied customers, but also to a team that stands by the project with full conviction. It goes without saying that our injection moulds meet quality standards that are internationally desired. Therefore it’s needless to say that our products are warranted.


Quotations will be processed within 3 working- days, inquiries with high urgency can be offered within 24 hours. The lead time we offer is the time between release of the layout drawing and time of the FOT (First Out Tool).

When the first lay out drawings are ready we consult about the product on the following points:

  • draft angels

  • gating positions

  • venting issues

  • ejector positions

  • parting line of the product

  • expected sink marks

Should the client have no clear idea of how the new product should look like, VR Moulds can also participate in:

  • product development

  • product optimization


Supervision of the manufacturing process in India and China is well planned and structured. VR Moulds will make the first lay out drawings within 3 weeks, should a quotation become an order. After this the client has the possibility of making changes if necessary. Amendments to the lay-out drawings will be made within 2 days. After this the drawings for production of the injection mould can be released, with our and the client’s approval. The client will be informed about the precedence weekly by means of photo’s of the actual production process.

The initial test spraying will take place before or on the FOT date agreed. Samples will be delivered to the client within 4 days after FOT including:

  • Measuring Reports

  • Settings of trial injection

  • A footage the mould in full action on the injection machine

After approval of the client the mould will go on transport. Prices always include clearing out, transport over sea and clearing in, this stage can take about 5 weeks. If necessary, transport by air or train can be applied under conditions agreed in an early stage and will reach its destination after a week (including clearance).

In case the client requires samples of final products to be made on the moulds on short notice,( for fairs, demo’s and initial deliveries), there is the possibility of making a so called pilot run in the factory that is producing the moulds. This pilot production can be delivered in a week’s time. A scenario like this mostly means low initial costs for a pilot production because time won’t be playing a role after the pilot-series are ready. Time consuming transportation by boat would have no urgency now.


Dutch warranty terms and Dutch after sales services are applied on all moulds delivered by VR Moulds. Warranty terms on injection moulds will be determined up front.

When new injection moulds arrive in Holland they go straight to VR Moulds. After cleaning and a final inspection through a standard checklist the mould is ready for transfer. Finally it is ready to be transported to the customer and to be placed on the injection mould machine.

If desired, VR Moulds won’t hesitate to attend the implementation of the new injection mould. If changes and improvements to the end product appears to be necessary , VR Moulds can support and advise. Changes will be done at the address of VR Moulds.


  • On all VR Moulds products the Dutch law is applied.

  • VR Moulds is not merely a trading business.